First of all, convey to you the wish that you are all well, and give you a lot of encouragement to face this difficult situation. Cal Rector’s management and staff.

On the other hand, we would like to tell you that given the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves, our communication channels are open to give all the necessary information from the reservations already made as well as future ones, since we maintain a positive attitude, hoping that this summer we will meet again in Rellinars.

By the time that time comes, our first priority will be to keep our customers and staff out of harm’s way. As a result, in response to the coronavirus epidemic, we will implement even stricter cleaning and disinfection measures.

If you give us the confidence and decide to visit us, we will wait for you with open doors and ready to serve you with maximum security. Throughout history we have experienced many complex situations and we have emerged strengthened from all, so we are sure that after this impasse we will be better.

We take this opportunity to send a warm hug and encouragement to all!


Atte The Property

Jose Antonio Orihuela Viladecans

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