At 50 km of Barcelona is Montserrat, lumber mountain.

At the top of the rock mass so characteristic and unique, there is a Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat, the “Black Madonna” story and history, there are several ways to climb the mountain and one of them is the cable car to save height of 725 meters.

The panoramic views with the cable car are spectacular, the traditional two yellow cable cabins with a capacity up to 35 people. They will bring you up and down working at the same time, both intersecting in the middle of the mountain.

The sighting observed from inside the cabin is sensational, the cable car goes into the mountains.

During these five-minute trip hanging in the air to reach the monastery, along the way you can see part of the spectacular mountain perspective and is certainly unique.

It is the fastest way to reach the shrine. Reached Air Station exit of either C-55 or via the FFCC – (Catalans Railways) that leave from the Plaça d’Espanya in Barcelona city Centre. This Air cabin transport has its own station.

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