One more year Castilla and Leon, along with Catalonia and Andalusia, shows up as the community with more rural tourism establishments in Spain, with 20.4 percent of the total, ahead of 13.20 and 12.80 percent counted, respectively, to the other two regions mentioned above, according to the findings of the Rural Tourism Barometer produced by Club Rural.

Also, they are the three destinations most demanded by tourists throughout 2016. At the top of the list Catalonia, with 17.07%, followed by Castila & León (14.15%), and last Andalusia (12.18%).

Therefore, it is predictable that they are community-province and islands which are on the opposite side. So, Balearic Islands 0.40%, Canary Islands (1.40%), Murcia (1.50%) and the Basque Country (2.05%) are the regions less lodgings available to the traveler.

Regarding the types of houses offered, as in previous seasons are the most successful full rental. In fact, 70.06% of the establishments have this type of lease, a figure that grows by 3.76% compared to 2015.

No relation to the capacity of the cottages, which are the two places account for 54.80% of supply (including full and rental accommodation rooms in hotels / inns / apartments). Here and away, are places with possibility of accommodation for 3 or 4 people, with 17.50%.

The decline from there is continuous: for between 7 and 10 people are 9.1% of the houses, being the other 21 people 0.50% less frequent. This offer matches the demand, since 21.71% of travelers also demand houses or establishments catering for two people.

This is the most numerous, followed closely by between three and four people in 2016 has remained at 21.43%. Just as in the offer are rural houses with capacity for between 17 and 20 people are the least successful among travelers with 4.1% demand. In between the application note for between 7 and
10 people with 19.05%.

The price factor most priority choice of residence has also undergone changes compared to the last quarter of 2015. If at that time only 4.4% of the establishments had an average price of up to 15 euros per person this figure has increased to 11% in 2016. However, note that the price range of most
frequent between 20 and 30 euros representing 42.60% of accommodation in Spain.

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